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An online magazine which was founded in 1996 to be a resource and voice for LGBTQIA+ Christians

Queer Theology

A community with articles and a podcast centered around discussing the connection between and coexistence of the LGBTQIA+ and Christian communities and a place where LGBTQIA+ persons can discuss and explore how their gender or sexual identity enriches their faith

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Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ

A movement to create and include more open and affirming churches for LGBTQIA+ people whose website also includes a church locator


An affirming church directory along with articles and other LGBTQIA+ and Christian community information

Q Christian Fellowship

A group for LGBTQIA+ Christians and allies to connect through discussion, prayer, conferences, and community groups and a site with many other resour

Room for All

A community of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) with the mission of supporting and advocating for the full affirmation of all LGBTQIA+ persons in the RCA

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