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Christianity Needs a PR Rep

Raise a hand if you’ve seen a movie or video with a homophobic/racist/super conservative/judgmental Christian. Raise a hand if you’ve heard of a church or other religious organization in the news for terrible behavior or promoting injustice. Raise a hand if you’ve witnessed evil, pure evil, done by the hands of those who call themselves Christians and followers of Christ. Raise a hand if someone who calls themselves a Christian has perpetually treated another human with hate or disrespect or prejudice. Raise a hand if you’ve been hurt by someone who calls themselves a Christian.

At this point, I don’t know about you, but I’ve run out of hands. I could raise a hand for every single one of those statements, and honestly, it really sucks. How unfortunate it is that the world we live in oftentimes associates Christianity with judgment, prejudice, homophobia, etc., and for appropriate reasons. If I didn’t know good Christian community, good Christian people, and good Christian representatives, I would probably think the same thing. I can’t blame anybody for making these assumptions about Christians and Christianity.

But nevertheless, it breaks my heart that a faith based on love, mercy, compassion, peace, joy, and justice, is associated with such terrible things. When those who represent our faith act in evil ways, no wonder our faith is looked at in such a way. So what do we do about it? Do we hide the fact that we are Christian? Do we go around trying to force our view of a loving Christianity down everyone’s throats? Or can there be some middle ground between these two?

I believe there is a middle ground. I believe we are called to share our faith, but also that we are called to be in relationship with others, all others, and sometimes that means being in relationships with people who do not (and will never) agree with you or your faith and that is 100% okay. Actually, that is beautiful.

It is so important, especially now, for us to be loving and peaceful Christians in such a hateful and belligerent society. This doesn’t mean that we don’t stand up for what we believe in or we aren’t bold in our actions, but we do it with compassion and joy, not with evil and malice.

Does it stink that this is the case, that certain Christian people or groups are kind of ruining the reputation for a lot of us? Yes, it does. But what an incredible mission and responsibility we have to demonstrate what Christianity actually is, Who our God actually is: a faith and a God of love, of welcoming, and of forgiveness. This is the God I know, love, and serve, and this is the God that I hope others can know, love, and serve too.

Christianity needs help with its PR campaign. Christianity especially needs help with its PR campaign in relation to LGBTQIA+ topics and issues. Are you willing to share yourself with others in order to show the love of our faith?

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