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Interview with Megan DeFranza: The Bible and Intersex Believers

Theologian, Megan DeFranza, explains what the Bible and church history have to say about intersexuality and intersex believers as she calls for inclusivity and affirmation of intersex believers as well as discussion and improvement within the church around this topic.

The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality

The debate, presented by Matthew Vines, looking at the Bible passages commonly used as anti-LGBTQIA+ material and advocating for support and love for the LGBTQIA+ community in the church.

"Transgender and Christian" video series

Austen Lionheart, a transgender person of faith, discusses Bible verses, teachings, and concepts that address gender identity. With 100 videos, spanning over 3 years, this series covers a lot of important and awesome topics. 

The Bible: A queer positive book

In this video, a queer, clergy woman (who is also the Reverend that officiated one of the first legal same-sex marriages) provides an explanation of how the Bible is in fact NOT anti-LGBTQIA+, but instead is actually queer-supporting and teaches many principles that apply to all sexual orientations.

Meet The Man Practicing His Faith With The Gay Christian Community

A gay, Christian man who turned his adventure of a lifetime into one also of ministry as he spreads the message of acceptance for LGBTQIA+ Christians in the church

Black, Gay, & Christian: Creating Affirming Spaces

Noah Mitchell's experience as a gay Christian and a call for affirmation, change, discussion, and improvement in the church and in society

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