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LGBTQIA+ and multiple denominations

Here is a list of organizations supporting LGBTQIA+ people in multiple denominations and multiple locations. 

LGBTQ Nation

A news source for the LGBTQIA+ community with news articles as well as a podcast and commentary pieces

The Advocate

A magazine established in 1967 that looks at a variety of topics including news, politics, arts and entertainment, and religion of interest to LGBTQIA+ people

The Naming Project

A Christian ministry with a summer camp serving LGBTQIA+ youth by providing a safe and welcoming space to discuss topics of faith and to engage in loving community

Templeton Prize Address by Francis Collins

The Director of the NIH, who led the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins, is a prominent scientist and Christian. In his acceptance of the Templeton Prize, he gives an incredible speech about faith, harmony, and love.

A record year for LGBTQ representation in film — for gay white men

An analysis of LGBTQIA+ representation in film with appreciation for progress and hope for the future but also a call for much more improvement

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An organization for LGBTQIA+ people, their families, and allies that advocates for diversity, respect, and affirmation.


A website that provides resources and community specifically for members of the bi community

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